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Apex Media and Print


Stickers and labels are the most versatile forms of print media available today. Not only can they be used for advertising and promotional purposes, but they can also be used for information, directions and dozens of other uses. Custom labels and stickers allow you to instantly add text or graphics to a surface, which is why they’re so useful for getting key information in front of people which you want them to see. There is literally no other form of printed media for this purpose which is as cheap, versatile and effective.



Matt Adhesive
Gloss Adhesive
Clear Adhesive
Low Tack Adhesive
Available Sizes
  • Custom Size

Finishes Available

Stickers and Label Design

Make your products pop with our show-stopping custom stickers and labels. Let our design team unleash their creativity to craft designs that perfectly capture your brand’s essence. From playful and whimsical designs to elegant and minimalist styles, we’ll create bespoke stickers and labels that elevate your packaging and make your products stand out. Get ready to turn heads and captivate customers with our stunning designs.

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